Studying SOA S90.09…

….and now on to the last module of the SOA Architect certification……..SOA S90.09.  More updates when I have them.

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SOA S90.08 passed

On the 25th Feb I sat the S90.08A exam and passed with 88%, which I was happy with but disappointed with it being below 90%, but a good pass nonetheless.

It was quite a difficult exam in places, with a lot of cross-references around the various SOA design patterns that largely made up this module.  Tricky ones to watch for are: Service Agent, Event-Driven Messaging and Policy Centralisation.  The key things to study are the ESB and Orchestration compound patterns and to also read up on what principles each pattern addresses – this adds an extra layer to the study of this module.

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Hello Android

I’m going to start a little app in the Android Development Kit, sounds good and it has gotten me enthusiastic about software for the first time in years.

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Returning his gaze, looking straight ahead and around his proximity, he motored easily over the snow and frozen rocks.  The gentle snow drifting gracefully down to the ground and pasting itself against immovable objects.  The surrounding night lights creating a comforting orange glow against the frozen backdrop.  It reminded him of his youth and the snow-laden winters.

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Studying S90.08…

OK so now I am up to date at last with my posts.

I am currently studying the S90.08 module as part of the exam prep.  This is my second-last module and I have so far achieved honour-level passes which I am tremendously pleased with.

In this current module, it mainly focuses on the four SOA types (service architecture, service composition architecture, service inventory architecture and enterprise service oriented architecture) and many of the more popular or common SOA Design Patterns covering such ubiquitous themes as Enterprise Service Bus and Orchestration.

I’m hoping that I will have another post very soon to state how I got on with the exam.  Stay tuned….

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SOA S90.03 passed

As per my previous two posts, this is slightly retrospective to say that I passed the S90.03 exam and module for my SOA Architect certification with 90%.  I did this in December 2010.


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SOA S90.02 Passed

Similar to my previous post, but again this is retrospective to state that I passed the SOA S90.02 exam as part of the SOA Architect certification.  Having passed this grade and the previous module, this means I am a certified SOA Professional and 2 out of the 5 modules required to gain the full certification.

I passed this module with 98% circa October 2010.

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