Thoughts on Interstellar…

This has to be the best film I’ve seen in 2014. Simple.

In terms of my top 5 sci-if films, I went into watching Interstellar with the following in my back catalogue:

– Bladerunner
– 2001/2010
– The Fountain
– Contact
– Gattaca

I’ll admit I was forever pre-conditioned to love this film.

Set in a near and unspecified future, mankind is dying. Food production is breaking down and humans have turned their back on the future and the stars. They no longer dream, but are content with their caretaker role of the planet. Except for Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), an ex-NASA test pilot who was born either “40 years too early or 40 years too late”. He is given his destiny in one major swoop, his purpose in life brought into priority. Cooper is the Chuck Yaeger of this story. Cool under fire and a pragmatic voice.

What Nolan has done, is construct a narrative bending time, space and physics around an emotional father/daughter story. There is scene in the film where Cooper has to make a devastating choice between his family and the future of his family. It is a wonderful piece of cinema.

The score by Hans Zimmer is cathartic. One that is as emotional and awe inspiring as the film.

For classic science fiction readers, anyone who has read and loves the following: Songs of Distant Earth, Starmaker, 2001, Forever War, Childhood’s End and of course Rama will love the themes Interstellar is riffing.

Go see, go forth…

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